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Congratulations and thank you for downloading Despark Mobile Application.

There are three sections under the application: Home Page for Public, Members and Student or Parents.

Here are few guidelines to understand the functions of features.

Home PageMember LoginStudent/ParentSpecial Campaign for Despark Student

You will first landing on the promotions page, click on the promotion image for more information.

You may click on the “menu icon” on top to reach menu page.

01 Point at Menu Bar

Menu Page


Upcoming Events:

Get to know about our latest activities and events!

News & Events:

Understand what is happening in Despark College and what efforts that we had carried out.

About Despark:

Introduction, history and resolution about Despark College.

Car Tips: 

Learn simple car checking tips for consistent vehicle maintenance.

04 more video05 Car Tips Video List

You may Share the video to your friends if you find it useful!

06 share video07 Share Options

Do drop us a feedback on other tips that you wish to learn about!

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Member Login:

Register as a member by entering your contact number. You will then receive a code via SMS, enter the code.

08 Member Login09 CODEMember info

Referral Program:

Earn Some Pocket Money by recommending a friend to us!

011 How to Add Referral012 Add Referral Info

Click “Done” to save your referral. Then, you may check the referral’s status by pressing on the “Refresh” button from time to time.

Please note that referral must be within 15-23 years old.

Refer the status layout as shown below:

013 Referral Status

Status Definition:

  • Checking: Referral is pending for approval
  • Approved: Referral is qualified, Despark Personnel will contact the referral for further course explanation
  • Declined: Referral disqualified due to some reasons (Eg: Referral’s data already existed in system, number not in service, over-age and etc)*
  • Registered: Your APPROVED REFERRAL has registered as Despark Student, you may claim your referral fees with Finance Department! (Progress is subject to 7-14 working days, you may claim only after 7-14 days upon referral’s registration)

Note: Call in to ask about referral status will not be entertained.

Online Reminder:

Missed the maintenance service’s date again? Add online reminder for notifications!

015 Add reminder016 car plat and type018 Service Options019 date and km 020 click to save021 Online Reminder Template

Note: Push notification will be sent out every morning.

Student Profile:


Please contact Despark personnel immediately if your information is incorrect.

Payment Statement:
Update about the latest payment status and pending payment.

Course Time Table:
Update about course time table.

Learning Materials:
Download the latest notes for each subjects.

Check your attendance rate.

Check your course/subjects results. Keep the efforts to achieve average or better results for the next time. =D

Course Structure:
Understand about your course structure.

Despark Staff Directory:

Students may drop an email to selected Despark admin by clicking on the name.

023 Despark Directory copy025 Email

Clubs & Societies:

026 Club and Societies 028 CLUB DESCRIPTION

Apply Your Clubs and Societies.


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