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    Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology

    Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology (N/525/4/0052)(MQA/FA13040)(10/2020)

    Despark College DK099(B)

    *Also Available for International Students, Click here for more information

    diploma in aircraft maintenance engineering

    DescriptionCourse OutlineMinimum Entry RequirementsFurther Education Pathway

    This programme offered full-time 2.5-year courses that prepare you to be proficient in industry training, practical training and theory training. Our aircraft maintenance engineering course and programme offered is compatible with the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) syllabus, preparing students for the Aircraft Maintenance Technology Engineer License (LAE). Industrial training is one of the essential subject under the course and jobs with the aviation partners are guaranteed for Despark aircraft maintenance engineering college Students.

    The syllabus covers 60% of practical and 40% of theory.

    • DAMT 101 Aerodynamic & Flight Control
    • DAMT 102 Materials & Hardware
    • DAMT 104 Electrical and Electronics Fundamentals
    • DAMT 105 Aviation Legislation
    • DAMT 106 Piston Engine 1
    • DAMT 107 Maintenance Practices
    • DAMT 108 Cabin Atmosphere & Interior System
    • DAMT 109 Aircraft Fire Protection & Fuel System
    • DAMT 110 Human Factors
    • DAMT 111 Gas Turbine Engine 1
    • DAMT 112 Propeller
    • DAMT 114 Aircraft Hydraulic & Pneumatic
    • DAMT 115 Aircraft Structure
    • DAMT 117 Instrument & Avionics System
    • DAMT 119 Piston Engine 2
    • DAMT 121 Gas Turbine Engine 2
    • DAMT 122 Aircraft Landing Gear
    • PED 1006 Engineering English 1
    • PED 1007 Engineering English 2
    • CC 1001 Engineering Science
    • CC 1002 Engineering Mathematics
    • CC 1004 Professional Ethics
    • CC 1005 Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development
    • MPU 2163 Pengajian Malaysia
    • MPU 2213*/ Bahasa Kebangsaan A/
      MPU 2223 Employability Skill
    • MPU 2343 Quality Assurance & Management
    • MPU 2411-2481 Co-Curriculum 1 & 2
    • DAMT 123 Final Year Project
    • DAMT IT Industrial Training

    *Syllabus is subject to change without any prior notice.

    • Pass SPM with min 3 credits in any subjects.
    • Pass O-Level with min Grade C in any 3 subjects.
    • Pass UEC with minimum Grade B in 3 subjects and Pass Mathematics and English.
    • Other equal qualification which recognised by Malaysian Government.

    *Syllabus is subject to change without any prior notice.

    • Degree*

    Note: The completion of a programme at Despark College does not give the student an automatic admission to a higher level programme. Admission is determined by the student’s results, and the fulfilment of the conditions and the entry requirements stipulated by the University.

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