Diploma in Automotive Technology (DAT)

Diploma in Automotive Technology (N/525/4/0002)(MQA/PA 9010)(08/22)

Despark College DK099 (B)

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This course is designed to train students in light vehicle mechanics to develop their skills and certify they are capable to achieve the industry standards. Students will acquire knowledge on developing and documenting specifications and procedures, and preparation of technical reports. This course covers development and application of electrical and mechanical system modifications, management of environmental compliance in the workplace which is suitable for those working in the automotive service and repair industry at the forefront of the implementation of new technologies.

The method of delivery includes 40% of classroom based theory and 60% of practical training sessions. A simulated workplace environment is created through individual and group activities and practical tasks in both delivery and assessment where students will be facilitated to develop skills and knowledge to fulfill the requirements for each competency unit and its elements.

On successful completion of this course the students would be awarded Diploma in Automotive Technology which is a nationally recognized qualification. This could help students gain entry into career paths or further education in the field of automotive industry.

  • DAT 101 Automotive Shop Practice & Safety
  • DAT 102 Bench Fitting & Welding
  • DAT 103 Vehicle Maintenance and Servicing
  • DAT 104 Engine System
  • DAT 110 Automotive Drive Train 1 (Clutch & Manual Transmission)
  • DAT 122 Brake System
  • CC 1009 Automotive Entrepreneurship
  • MPU 2163 Malaysian Studies
  • DAT 106 Air Induction & Exhaust System
  • DAT 108 Air Conditioning System
  • DAT 107 Automotive Electrical & Electronic 1
  • DAT 120 Steering System
  • MPU 2411 – MPU 2481 Co-Curriculum
  • PED 1008 Technical English
  • DAT 111 Diesel Engine
  • DAT 123 Suspension System
  • CC 1010 Mathematics
  • DAT 116 Automotive Electrical & Electronic 2
  • DAT 121 Tyres & Wheel Alignment
  • MPU 2213 or MPU 1333 Bahasa Kebangsaan/ Personal and Professional Development
  • CC 1011 Physics
  • DAT 105 Engine Management
  • DAT 113 Vehicle Fault Diagnosis
  • DAT 117 Automotive Drive Train 2 (Automatic Transmission & CVT)
  • MPU 2223 Employability Skills
  • DAT FYP Final Year Project
  • DAT IT Industrial Training (Internship)

*Syallabus is subject to change without any prior notice.

  • Pass SPM or equivalent with minimum of 3 credits in any subject.
  • Pass UEC (Unified Examination Certificate) with Grade B in any 3 subjects.
  • Pass O-Level with credit or grade C in any subjects.
  • Other Qualifications: Any other qualifications will be considered on a case-to-case basis.

Note: The completion of a programme at Despark College does not give the student an automatic admission to a higher level programme. Admission is determined by the student’s results, and the fulfillment of the conditions and the entry requirements stipulated by the University.

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  • Advanced Diagnostic Technician
  • Automotive System Designer
  • Automotive Diagnostic Technician
  • Automotive Technician
  • Service Technician
  • Skilled trade person in automotive
  • Small engine mechanic
  • Diesel mechanic
  • Repair service writer
  • Technical support engineer
  • Proprietor
  • Workshop supervisor
  • Automotive Dealer
  • Automotive Instructor

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