Bosch Gasoline Engine Management


Basic Gasoline Engine ManagementAdvance Gasoline Engine Management

  • Milestones of automotive technology and engine development.
  • Engine management system descriptions include structure and principles of engine control and mixture formation.
  • Different types of fuel injection systems.
  • Cylinder charge control; conventional TV control, E-gas and supercharging Emission control; tank ventilation, EGR, secondary air-injection, catalytic converter.
  • Type of ignition systems.
  • Overview of Bosch Information software ESI [tronic] and engine diagnostic tester KTS.

  • System overview of Bosch Motoric M/ME and non-Bosch MPI engine management systems
  • System components
  • Display, control adjustments, settings and test methods of an oscilloscope
  • Diagnostic and troubleshooting using Bosch equipment