Accommodation & Transportation

Located at the heart of Petaling Jaya, Melaka, Penang and Sabah with various companies nearby, varied locations and housing areas are of the surroundings of the college grounds. Our consultants will be able to help students with accommodation in accordance to their preference for we are aware that accommodation is usually a question raised by many students especially outstation students that are not familiar with PJ, Georgetown, Bachang and Kota Kinabalu.

In order to make your study life with us comfortable and worry-free, we have carefully selected accommodation units to provide you an ideal and conducive environment for learning.

** Students who require accommodation assistance should indicate their requirements upon submitting their application for admission.


Accommodation is usually a question raised by many students especially students from outstation who are not familiar with the surrounding.

Here, we provide few options for students to select their accommodation to ensure their study life is comfortable and having an ideal and conducive learning environment.

  • Petaling Jaya Area
  • Melaka Area
  • Penang Area

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For further information, feel free to contact our Student Services Department personnel or your consultant.

The college is located in an area which is served by major public transport services. There is also a bus stop which is a 5 minutes walk to the college serviced by Rapid Bus.

Other than that, Despark Petaling Jaya students can opt to take the Light Railway Transit service with stops by the Asia Jaya stop.

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