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    Badminton Competition

    Badminton sport is one of the favorite sports activities for all Malaysians. Whether it’s in singles or doubles, badminton is a fun and exciting sport to pick up if you’re looking for an activity that can boosts your physical, mental and social aspects of health.

    Despark College has organized a badminton competition on 2nd of June 2016. This badminton competition received a great response from the staffs and students. There were a total of 24 team of students and 5 team of staffs who participated in the competition.

    The competition started on 9 am in the morning. During the first stage, 12 team of students versus another 12 team of students player. After that, the remaining 12 team has been divided into half, which was 6 teams versus another 6 teams. The top 3 finalist of the students was represented by the team of Liew Chen Fui, team of Darmin Raj and team of Tan Yong Cheng.

    The Despark staffs team was randomly selected to oppose the final 5 team of students.

    Below was the final result:

    1st place: Team of Liew Chean Fui (RM150)

    2nd place: Team of Darmin Raj (RM50)

    3rd place: Team of Tan Yong Cheng (RM50)

    4th place: Team of Lee Soon Thak (RM50)

    5th place: Team of Isaac (Rm50)

    Such badminton event should be encouraged and organised among Despark college students and staffs. It definitely produces social benefits, perk up reflexes, intelligence and improve academic performance among students. In addition, the involvement in physical activity is shown to lead to better academic performance, and when your team is performing better, it also adds an incentive for the individual players to do better. Participating in a team or as an individual player can also help young people to have better cognitive functioning and hence improve their problem-solving skills, which directly translate to better academic performance and leadership.

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