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    Benefit & Welfare

    Student InsuranceEducation CounsellorTrainerStudent AffairFacilities OfficerCareer Advisory Service

    Exclusive insurance coverage for student.

    Why it is important?

    At Despark, we care deeply about our students. Their safety and wellbeing are our first priority. We want them to study and enjoy a vibrant college life with a peace of mind. We always ensure that our student receives maximum protection against any accidental event as well as non accidental event.

    Your very own privileged education counsellor.

    How does it help?

    Our friendly education counsellors are always there to share and solve students’ problem. Be it academic related or otherwise, our education counsellors always strive to help students to overcome their difficulties in life. At Despark, we assign each student with an education counsellor ensuring their needs, wants and voices are heard.

    Qualified and certified professional trainer.

    Who are they?

    Our trainers were from renowned automotive establishment prior to joining Despark. As such, our friendly and humble trainers also use state-of-the-art training approach to ensure students receive the highest quality education available. At Despark, our qualified and certified professional trainer guarantees excellent graduates.

    A comprehensive student affair system

    What it does?

    We provide a comprehensive student affair system which comprises of

    • Industry-linked job placement system providing students with bright career opportunities
    • A well guided education and examination board ensuring education is always at the highest of quality and experience
    • Established attendance system reduces truant and shaping student discipline with education in mind
    • Customer service department to listen to students’ ideas and opinions improving college experiences at Despark

    Facility duly maintained

    When does it happen?

    At Despark, our professional facility officer carries out orderly maintenance of the entire learning place. The tools and equipments were always maintained with students’ education in mind. We have no qualm in replacing mediocre and worn out items to ensure students enjoy their learning process with the best experience.

    Our services will provide graduates with essential resources and guidance for career choices and offer many opportunities for them to develop the skills needed to plan and manage their future. This include support students in finding an internship or job placement.

    • Arranging company presentations, field trips, networking events, and on-campus interviews.
    • Creating awareness of the importance of career guidance to fully prepare for the workplace.
    • Liaising and maintaining close links with potential employers to obtain information on career opportunities, internship and training programmes.
    • Maintaining good relationships and excellent collaborations with potential employers for the benefit of students, employers and the college.
    • Offering advice on matters such as CV and cover letter writing, interview and job hunting skills.
    • Organising events such as career fairs, career talks and employability workshops to provide invaluable opportunities to meet potential employers.
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