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    Kunming University, China

    Bachelor of Automation and Mechanical Engineering (Major:Automotive Engineering)

    Kunming University established in 2004 after approval from the National Ministry of Education was a merger of two former three year college that is now a comprehensive four year university with a wide array of majors.

    Kunming University attaches great importance to cultivating talent in its students.

    Focusing on “Quality Teaching, Continuing Reform, and Implementing Quality Education” in all areas, these efforts are made to improve the academic level of the university.

    “Firm Faith, Good Moral Character, Rich in Knowledge and Competence” are the requirements for our students. With these requirements as our objective, students will be more equipped in contributing themselves to the development of China’s economy after finishing their study.

    Course OutlineCourse Duration
    • Mechanical Behavior and Processing of Materials (Mechanical Process Technology)
    • Mechanical Engineering Design
    • Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
    • Engineering Mechanics – Dynamics (Fundamentals of Control Engineering)
    • Internal-Combustion Engine Work Principles (Automotive Engine Work Principles)
    • Automotive Theory
    • Automotive Electrical Equipment and Electronic Technology
    • Mechanical Engineering Laboratory
    • Automotive Experimentation and Measurement
    • Automotive Malfunction Diagnosis and Test Measurements
    • Automotive Repair Theory and Technology
    • Automotive Application Technology
    • Automotive Higher and New Technology
    • New Energy Technology of Modern Automotive
    • Electric Battery Power Drive Technology
    • Automotive New Technical and Communication
    • Automotive Practical Skill Training
    • Graduation Project
    • Chinese Language (Humanity and Social Studies Elective)
    • Chinese History and Culture (Humanity and Social Studies Elective)
    It is a Four years course (originally), while Despark’s MQA(DAET)Students only require One and half year course.

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