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    BTEC Level 5 HND in Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)

    DescriptionCourse OutlineMinimum Entry RequirementsFurther Education Pathways

    Pearson BTEC Higher Nationals are designed to help students secure the knowledge skills and behaviours needed to succeed in the workplace. They represent the latest in professional standards and provide opportunities for students to develop behaviours for work, for example by undertaking a group project, or responding to a client brief. At the same time the Pearson BTEC Higher Nationals are intended to keep doors open for future study should a student wish to progress further in their education after their level 5 study. They do this by allowing space for the development of higher education study skills, such as the ability to research.

    Holders of the Pearson BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma will have developed a sound understanding of the principles in their field of study, and will have learned to apply those principles more widely. Through this they will have learned to evaluate the appropriateness of different approaches to solving problems. They will be able to perform effectively in their chosen field, and will have the qualities necessary for employment in situations requiring the exercise of personal responsibility and decision-making.

    Students will undergo comprehensive foundation training in mechanical engineering while building their confidence to self-explore later in their chosen field upon completion of this course. The course aims to give you a thorough understanding of mechanical engineering as well as the specialist knowledge and skills needed to work as an automotive engineer.

    • 1 Engineering Design
    • 2 Engineering Maths
    • 3 Engineering Science
    • 4 Managing a Professional Engineering Project
    • 8 Mechanical Principles
    • 13 Fundamentals of Thermodynamics and Heat Engines
    • 17 Quality and Process Improvement
    • 19 Electrical & Electronic Principles
    • 34 Research Project
    • 35 Professional Engineering Management
    • 36 Advanced Mechanical Principles
    • 37 Virtual Engineering
    • 38 Further Thermodynamics
    • 39 Further Mathematics
    • 49 Lean Manufacturing

    *Syllabus is subject to change without prior notice

    *Upon completion of all required units and fulfilling the required academic standards, this qualification will be awarded by Pearson Education Limited, United Kingdom

    • Credit in English and Pass Mathematics and Sciences subject in SPM/ O-Level or equivalent.
    • Other Qualifications: Any other qualifications will be considered on a case-to-case basis.
    • Degree* : BEng (Hons) in Automotive Engineering/ BSc (Hons) in Automotive Technology with Management
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