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    Supercar High Performance Technology


    Fancy with the featuring intensely high-tech power trains, the state-of-art materials and construction, the engine, advanced technologies that build a nice supercar?Thorough training from Despark, you will get to understand how this technology works, and out lecturers will give you some practical training on how to do maintenance for supercar.


    Level 1: Engine System

    Practical session

    • Periodic Maintenance Check
    • Compression Test / Cylinder Leakage Test
    • Fuel Pressure and Volume Test
    • Fuel supply Check
    • Drive Belt Removal
    • Exhaust Downpipe Removal
    • Checking Waste Gate Condition
    • Checking Turbo Condition
    • Methods of Bleeding Cooling System
    • Charging System Diagnosis
    • Testing Engine Sensors using Oscilloscope & DMM
    • Testing Engine Actuators using Oscilloscope & DMM Diagnosis using Scan Tool

    Level 2: Electrical and Transmission System
    Practical session

    • Periodic Maintenance Check
    • Checking CAN-L and Can-H Signal
    • Oil Warning Lamp Diagnosis
    • Propeller Shaft Removal
    • Front Bell Housing Removal
    • Checking Transmission Oil Level
    • Checking Axle Oil Level
    • Checking Transfer Box Oil Level

    Level 3: Chassis System
    Practical session

    • Periodic Maintenance Check
    • Service Front Brake Caliper
    • Service Rear Brake Caliper
    • Service Rear Brake Shoe
    • Parking Brake Adjustment
    • Brake Bleeding Procedure
    • ABS Diagnosis
    • Wheel Speed Sensor Diagnosis
    • Diagnosis using Scanner
    • Wheel Alignment
    • Camber Adjustment
    • Ferrari Overview
    • Distinctive brand value
    • Technical Specification
    • Adaptive headlights
    • External rear view mirror
    • Electronic alarm system
      • Vehicle keys
      • Key codes
    • Suspension system
    • Brake system
      • Carbon Ceramic Matrix brakes
      • Electronic parking brake
    • Intake system
      • Intake system
      • Ram air intake
      • Mass air-flow sensor
      • Electronic throttle body
      • Variable intake Geometry
      • Individual runner intake
    • Exhaust system
      • Valve control exhaust system
    • Aerodynamics
      • External & internal
      • Diffuser
      • Winglet
    • Fuel system
    • Dual clutch gearbox
    • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
    • Run flat tire
    • Traction control
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