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    Student Testimonials


    – Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Automotive Engineering – class of 2015
    – BSc (Hons) Automotive Technology with Management, University of Hertfordshire

    Education and support system I had at Despark College prepared me for the independence and strong work ethics needed in University. By pushing us to take Honors programme while also being involved in clubs, sports and the community, the lecturers at Despark instilled a strong sense of “you reap what you sow” in school, and that is especially true in college. Despark has introduced me to a great research environment populated by students, lecturers, and staffs with a never-ending thirst for knowledge, paired with strong industrial collaborations. Classes are actually as intensive which really smoothed the transition.


    – Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology – class of 2016
    – Pursuing BSc (Hons) Aicraft Maintenance Engineering, University of South Wales

    I have always been fascinated by planes since an earlier age. I like the way Despark College designed its programme which offered me an overall growth in term of academics and as well as personal growth. “For me, life in Despark College has been breath-taking and enriching. It offers a blend of learning, amusement and integration of enduring principles. The environment not only helped me in imbibing knowledge but also in developing my overall personality, fuelling confidence in me. The entire study environment makes it easy for a student to learn and instil the spirit to stand out amongst the talented and hard-working students.


    I’m currently working at Panglima City Motor Sdn Bhd, Toyota 3S centre as service advisor. Throughout my studies at Despark College I gain a lot of knowledge not only in practical and theory but also interpersonal skills. Now, I can communicate and work closely with my colleagues and customers as well as managed to solve most of the technical problems.

    Daniel Lu WenLong

    – Diploma in Automotive Engineering Technology, class of 2019
    – Youngest Porsche Carrera Cup Asia race winner

    Since I’m already in the motorsports world, to study automotive engineering course it helps in my racing career. Curriculum and teaching skills at Despark College made me understand very quickly and efficiently the hands-on and theory in automotive engineering. Learning the basics and mostly understand how to apply them to solve practical problems on track is, to my point of view, what makes the difference when it comes to win races.

    Ng Jun Wen

    City & Guilds Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance & Repair

    I joined Porsche Automotive for motorsport event within short period upon graduation. This is all because the practical skills I learnt in Despark College able to apply at my job immediately. Then, I engaged with Pagani Motorsport Team in Hong Kong for about 1 year. With the experience I’ve earned, I am now a part of Dilango Racing for Lamborghini Super Trofeyo Championship. As a support team for formula racers and supercar maintenance technician, I am always given chance to travel to different country for highly competitive motorsport competition. My dream is being engaged to all the supercar motorsport team and serves as service advisor for Formula One. Someday, I will achieve my dream.

    Yong Jia Hung

    Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia 

    I being employed to work at Wing Hin Automobile Sdn Bhd ( UMW Toyota 3S Dealer ). Currently, I am the team head of my service and maintenance team. The hands on learning experience provided by my course has prepared me well and enhanced my confidence level. I am grateful about what I have learned in Despark College. All these theories and practical skills turned me to become a successful person in my career pathway.

    Sim Khang Ern

    – City & Guilds Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance & Repair, class of 2012
    – Bachelor of Applied Technology (Automotive Engineering), Unitec

    I enjoyed my lesson because of the lecturers’ passion in teaching. Their knowledge in automotive and presentation skills were really invaluable. I appreciate the countless friendly reminders to us, especially about various possibilities of the real life events that could happen in a car. Since graduated from Despark College, I had a strong base to pursue further study at Unitec, New Zealand for Bachelor of Applied Technology in Automotive Engineering. I would definitely recommend studying at Despark College if you are interested in automotive courses.

    Lawrence Law

    Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia

    Thank you to Despark College that nurturing me and I gained precious experience by learning there. Despark taught me all the knowledge of automotive, management skills and all these things assist me in manage my workshops. Now, I’m an owner of three workshops named Wan Hua Tyres Service Centre Sdn Bhd at Melaka.

    Goh Jia Xian

    City & Guilds Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance & Repair, class of 2011

    Service Advisor at Wearnes Automotive Sdn Bhd. I completed my C&G Diploma in Despark College. When I was applying for this job placement, I felt excited when I knew that there are number of technicians who graduated from Despark College too. I would say that Despark leads me well in preparing to face the real automotive field. Despark equipped with great facilities and advanced equipment. The theory syllabus prepared me well in becoming a successful service advisor. In 3 months time, I have been awarded The Best Performer of The Year 2014 by Wearnes. It is truly a great honour and essential recognition to me. I believed that my juniors who are still pursuing their dream in Despark College will achieve better awards in one day.

    Goh Kian Sen

    – City & Guilds Advanced Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance & Repair, class of 2010

    – Bachelor of Applied Technology (Automotive Engineering), Unitec

    Upon my graduation, I have been offered jobs by BMW and Audi. I would say that Despark is one of the best automotive colleges among the others. I have absolutely no regrets and proud to graduate from Despark. The lecturers were professional and expert in this related field. The theory program that offered in Despark’s Advanced Diploma course prepared me well in my Degree course. Despark is an institution which offers great facilities and advanced equipment. I highly encourage students who loved automotive to choose Despark. Despark also provided international job opportunities to students.

    Mohamad Haziq Shah

    Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology, class of 2015

    I want to become aircraft engineer since young. Any related matter to aircraft or aviation, will make me feel very excited. I have a huge collection of custom aircraft models in my house, I am also great fan of fighter plane. My parents very support for my interest. I choose Despark because it is one of the pioneers in the engineering field. I enjoy studying at Despark, it’s like my second home. I will study hard to achieve my ambition as a qualifiy license aircraft engineer.

    Peh Kah Ying

    Diploma in Automotive Engineering Technology, class of 2016

    As one of the minority female students in the automotive engineering programme at Despark College, I am really enjoying my college life where the lecturers and staffs are very friendly and helpful. I gained a lot of knowledge about automotive with practical and hands-on experience. I decided to be one of the top automotive engineers in Malaysia and keen to prove that automotive can be female –dominant field too! I am really lucky to have supportive parents, who encourage me work hard to achieve my dream. My father kept telling me “if you want to dream, dream big and never give up”. When I first heard the engineering courses at Despark College, I knew it will be my starting place to achieve my dream. In future, I plan to accumulate more practical experiences before pursuing further study. And now I’m one step closer in achieving my dream.

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