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    Diploma in Automotive Engineering Technology

    Automotive engineers design, test and develop vehicles and/or components from concept through to production, and are involved in improving the vehicle in response to customer feedback. This course is ideal if you would like a career within the automotive industry and to develop a comprehensive range of related skills.

    The programme is accredited by Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and offers a broad coverage of automotive systems engineering and related subjects. A comprehensive range of practical and experimental activities are incorporated, making use of our extensive facilities.

    Students will take an in-depth look at aspects of automotive systems, such as engine types, braking systems, gear boxes and chassis systems. As well as studying an advanced area of automotive engineering within a simulated industrial environment, you will also be able to extend your Maths, design, mechanical science and project management abilities.

    Career opportunities includes of typical destinations range from research and development positions within industrial or academic establishments, to design and manufacturing posts in car companies or the supply industries.

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