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    Learning trip to London 2016

    Choosing a university for further studies is a critical issue, thus Despark College offer a group of Year Two students a learning trip to London to make that decision as simple as possible.

    A group of 8 Despark’s students visited University of Hertforshire on 19 May 2016, which was led by two experienced HODs. This event is designed to give students an insight into life at London, with opportunities to get more details about courses and get to know the building of School of Engineering and Technology in university.

    The main aim of organising the trip was to let students understand the technical bulletins, the future of automotive experience and relate the information to the job at hand. In this few days learning trip, students were given a chance to observe the student racing team preparation in the auto sport centre for 2 hours.

    We provide students a trip experience that immerse them in knowledge, skills and inspiration from every aspect.

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