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MQA Programmes


Diploma Programmes:

The following Diploma Programmes offered are full-time 2.5-year courses that prepare you to be proficient in industry training, practical training and theory training.

Diploma in Automotive Engineering Technology (course code N/525/ 4/ OO24)

Learn to keep pace with the advances in automotive technology and be able to partake in a focus of 60% Hands-On training to lead students to be adept in skills and up-to-date in the technology advancement. Learn to be innovative and gain the skills to confidently apply your knowledge in a wide range of situations that you may face during the studies and apply it during the real life-working world.

Course Outline:

DAET 101 Automotive Engineering Shop Practice and Safety
DAET 102 Engine System 1: Petrol & Diesel Engines
DAET 103 Engine Fuel System: Petrol & Diesel
DAET 104 Engine Management 1: Cylinder Charge & Air Fuel Mixtures
MPW 1113 Bahasa Kebangsaan A
DAET 105 Automotive Chassis: Drive Shafts & Differentials, Tyres & Wheels 1
DAET 106 Automotive Chassis: Braking, Steering & Suspension System 1
PED 1001 Technical English
DAET 107 Automotive Electrical & Electronic 1
MPW 1133 Pengajian Malaysia ( Malaysian Studies )
DAET 108 Air Conditioning System
DAET 109 Turbocharger & Supercharger
CC 1001 Engineering Sciences- Physic
DAET 110 Automotive Drive Train: Clutch, Manual Transmission & Automotive
DAET 111 Engine System: Petrol and Diesel Engine 2
CC 1002 Engineering Mathematics
DAET 112 Engine Management 2: Ignition system, Engine management system
HEP 102 Statistics
DAET 113 Automotive Chassis: Tires and Wheels 2
DAET 114 Automotive Chassis: Braking, Steering & Suspension System 2
MPW 1153 Pendidikan Moral (Moral Studies)
DAET 115 Engine Performance & Diagnosis
DAET 116 Automotive Electrical & Electronic 2
CC 1003 Entrepreneurship
DAET 117 Automotive Drive Train: Clutch, Manual Transmission & Automotive
DAE FYP Final Year Project
DAE IT Industrial Training (Internship)
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