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    Partner Universities

    With recognition from MOHE as well as collaborations and partnerships with different parties, students can opt to further their education upon completing the Diploma program to various local universities both public and private and oversea universities with maximum provision.

    We carefully select and constantly monitor this list of universities / colleges based on their:

    • Quality of graduate work.
    • Recognition from the professional industry and employers’ feedback.
    • Overall reputation of the relevant automotive programmes and curriculum.
    • Study and living environments offered.
    • support system and staff accessible to the students.

    Application forms for affiliated universities are available, and our counselor will be able to advise you on your application. We will assist you in making sure all documents are compiled and certified, portfolio assembled according to the university’s requirements and arrange for interviews if necessary.

    We will inform you of your pre-departure briefings and flight or visa arrangements and etc once your application has been approve. Among the universities, our partners include:

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