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Student Referral Program

Earn Extra Pocket Money by Simply Using Despark Mobile Apps!

Want to make extra money by using phone like usual? Join Despark’s Student Referral Program now!

Simple Steps:

1. Download Despark College’s mobile application on App Store or Play Store

2. Register as member

3. Select “Referral Program” at the menu bar

4. Add “Referral”, key-in Name, Phone, Age and Appointed Consultant (If you have any preference) (Referral only eligible for student who aged 16-23)

5. Check your referral status from time to time

6. Congratulation! You are entitled to claim once the referral’s status is “Registered

Read more on Despark Mobile Apps Guideline.

The application is available for download for both IOS and Android Version.

*Terms and Conditions Applied.

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