The Cycle & Carriage Bintang (CCB) is offering study grants to deserving students who aim to pursue a career in automotive. The CCB Study Grant is a partial grant for eligible students who are interested in or are pursuing automotive related studies within Malaysia. It is projected that by 2020, the country will see an increase in demand for an additional 1.3 million Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) workers.

Three of Despark students has been chosen to receive their study grants. This is based on the requirement that have been appointed by Cycle & Carriage Bintang Berhad. Yash Mithun Raj A/L Marimuthu, Kathiravan A/L Suresh and Chandra Gaantan A/L Chandran were the first cohort to receive Cycle & Carriage Bintang’s Study Grant to pursue their technical studies.

“Education is key to alleviating poverty and improving one’s family standard of living. Equipped with the right skills, we believe that our empowered youth can make a positive and sustained impact not just to their families but also for the society at large. Through the Cycle & Carriage Study Grant, we are heartened to contribute our part in presenting an opportunity for young people to pursue a vocational education in the automotive field. Through the grant, our extensive network, growing customer base and the economy as a whole will stand to benefit from a growing pool of skilled talents,” said Cycle & Carriage Bintang CEO, Mr Wilfrid Foo.

Congratulations to the Class of 2018

Despark College celebrated its annual convocation last weekend with hundreds of graduates received their scrolls. Students decked in graduation robes and mortarboards, and smartphones lifted high above heads to get that perfect group shot. That would perfectly describe Despark College convocation ceremony that was recently held in Hilton Hotel, Petaling Jaya.

The graduation ceremony will always be considered as one of the most important highlights of a students’ experience in college or university, and the recent ceremony was not any different. Gleaming parents, clearly feeling very proud of their children’s achievements and friends greeting each other added to the buzz of excitement in the hall. These students successfully completed their studies in aircraft and automotive engineering fields of study at a certificate, diploma and higher national diploma level.

On top of that, 7 best students and first batch of Aircraft Maintenance Technology graduates celebrated their success at the event. The ceremony saw the attendance of a special guest, Mr. Richard Teng, the Regional Director from Wrexham Glyndwr University who addressed the students with his keynote speech and shared some interesting insights on his relationship with Despark College.

“I would like to read out a message from our Pro Vice-Chancellor, Dr Aulay Mackenzie to all the students today. He very much wanted to be here for this ceremony but he was unable to make the trip over due to his heavy work commitments back in the UK and would like to convey his apologies.” His message is:

“Wrexham Glyndwr University is delighted to be in partnership with Despark College and to be working closely to deliver a successful collaboration in the soon to be launch Beng (Hons) Automotive Engineering. On behalf of the University, I would like to offer my warmest congratulations to all the graduates here today on the successful achievement of their awards. Your motivation and dedication that has taken you to these achievements will be a springboard: in your future studies with us on the degree programme, in your future careers and in the rich lives I hope you will lead. I wish you every success in all of these!”

“As you are probably aware, Wrexham Glyndwr University will be working with Despark College in the delivery of the BEng( Hons) Automotive Engineering. The management and staff at Despark College, and colleagues at Wrexham Glyndwr University had worked incredibly hard over the past 18 months to ensure that we have established our degree programme to be delivered at Despark College, and that all aspects of the quality assurance are fulfilled. I’m delighted to inform everyone today that the process has been completed from both ends and we are now waiting for the final approval from Malaysian Qualifications Agency, or MQA for short. We anticipate that we should be able to commence delivery in 2019 and bring our world class UK Degree to Despark College,” he added.

With 4 campuses across Malaysia, Despark has 13 years produced quality graduates who possess not only a home-grown or international academic qualification, but also effective communication, analytical and leadership skills that will enable them to take on career challenges. The Despark experience gives them an edge when they go on to pursue successful careers and contribute significantly to the economy and society.

D 297                                D 284

D 266                                                        D 261

D 251                 D 219

IMG_8387                 IMG_8338



Despark’s students received Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards

Pearson Malaysia hosted its annual Outstanding Learner Awards Ceremony for outstanding learners.

The awards were presented at a prestigious awards’ ceremony at the Le Meridien Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Saturday 29th September, 2018. 2 students from Despark College, Chong Hock Leong and Tay Wee Leong were chosen to received Outstanding Learner Awards. Unfortunately, one of the winner Chong Hock Leong was unable to collect his award in person because he is pursuing his Bachelor Degree at University of Hertfordshire, UK. However, his father, Mr. Chong was delighted to collect his certificate and Pearson medal on his behalf during the ceremony.

Congratulations to both of the winners!

High Achievers Award Ceremony in Malaysia:-
This award is presented to top students who achieved highest marks in their subjects in country and in the world (outside UK), from amongst thousands of students who sat for the examinations. They are recognized as the country and/or the world’s best performing students in their subjects from each of Pearson’s qualifications namely Pearson BTEC.

Field Trip to SIC, Sepang & Runaway 32L KLIA

Have you been to Sepang International Circuit (SIC)?

On the 15th February 2017, Despark College has once again gives their students an extraordinary chance to actually visit SIC. For this field trip, a total of 11 students have joined.

The intention of this event is mainly to let students to actually have a feel and also experience the tracks. In addition, students also get to treat this field trip as part of their learning program.
Students were arranged to take a tour to the national automobile museum, SIC merchandise shop, main grandstand, corporate suites and also paddock building which consists of race control room, time keeping room, perdana suite and media center.

What’s more, students were also given the rare opportunity to have airplane spotting at the Runway 32L KLIA. Throughout this field trip, students had an excellent, exciting and memorable day at Sepang International Circuit (SIC).

IMG-20170215-WA0001 IMG-20170215-WA0002 IMG-20170215-WA0003 IMG-20170215-WA0005 IMG-20170215-WA0007 IMG-20170215-WA0008 IMG-20170215-WA0010 IMG-20170215-WA0011



2016 Graduation Ceremony

A Joyful Celebration

Convocation is a time to celebrate the achievements and success of Despark graduates of automotive courses. Congratulations to all of you!

 It’s our pleasure to share the good news with everyone! A day of celebration for Despark College’s students at convocation ceremony on 12th of November 2016 which held at Hilton Hotel, Petaling Jaya.

The convocation ceremony marks the triumphant end of a student’s academic career and represents a hugely important milestone for our students as they stepped onstage to claim their diploma or certificate.

After graduating from Despark College, most students embark on fantastic careers in automotive industries, while others continue progress onto the next level of academic study. Whatever their next steps are, our graduates are fully prepared to face their next challenge with the valuable skills and knowledge gained from their time with Despark College.

We can’t wait to see your future shine bright like a diamond.

Despark College Wins Pearson BTEC Awards

Shine with Outstanding Learners 2016

Congratulations to all the award recipients from Despark College in the 2016 PEARSON BTEC Awards! The winners were announced at a ceremony on 27 August, 2016 at Hotel Meridien, Kuala Lumpur.

The two students, Gan Wai Sheng and Koo from Despark College were awarded with excellent with Pearson Medallion Awards for the outstanding performance in BTEC Higher National Diploma projects in Malaysia. They were selected based on academic excellence and maintain lifelong learning attitude and perceptions.

Besides that, Despark College once again proved its academic excellence continuous two years when received “Centre Of Excellence” amongst all automotive institutions offering BTEC Course in Malaysia. Despark College maintained its quality academic for delivering Pearson BTEC international qualifications. We will constantly put effort in automotive and aviation education to achieve a higher performance for coming year. Congratulations to Despark College and the winners !

Learning trip to London 2016

Choosing a university for further studies is a critical issue, thus Despark College offer a group of Year Two students a learning trip to London to make that decision as simple as possible.

A group of 8 Despark’s students visited University of Hertforshire on 19 May 2016, which was led by two experienced HODs. This event is designed to give students an insight into life at London, with opportunities to get more details about courses and get to know the building of School of Engineering and Technology in university.

The main aim of organising the trip was to let students understand the technical bulletins, the future of automotive experience and relate the information to the job at hand. In this few days learning trip, students were given a chance to observe the student racing team preparation in the auto sport centre for 2 hours.

We provide students a trip experience that immerse them in knowledge, skills and inspiration from every aspect.

Food Carnival 2016

There are variety of famous cuisine in Malaysia such as Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, Laksa, Char Kuey Teow, Satay, Otak-otak and many more. These food are loved by every Malaysian.

Despark College Student Representative Council has organise a Food Carnival 2016 on 2nd of June. This amazing food carnival involved all the supportive staffs and students. There are variety stalls available: Satay, Curry / Tomyam Fish ball and Beverage. The Food Carnival start on 11am in the morning and all the stalls flooded with students. And surprisingly all the food and beverage are sold out within two hours from 11am -1:30am.This really out of our expectation!

Throughout this event, our educators had provided a great practical experiences for students to conduct a food carnival on entrepreneurship. Furthermore, this event also raise SRC funds for future events: e.g. basketball, paintball tournament and charity event.

The Food Carnival 2016 was a huge success. Highly appreciate all the students and the staffs for their hard work and support.

Badminton Competition

Badminton sport is one of the favorite sports activities for all Malaysians. Whether it’s in singles or doubles, badminton is a fun and exciting sport to pick up if you’re looking for an activity that can boosts your physical, mental and social aspects of health.

Despark College has organized a badminton competition on 2nd of June 2016. This badminton competition received a great response from the staffs and students. There were a total of 24 team of students and 5 team of staffs who participated in the competition.

The competition started on 9 am in the morning. During the first stage, 12 team of students versus another 12 team of students player. After that, the remaining 12 team has been divided into half, which was 6 teams versus another 6 teams. The top 3 finalist of the students was represented by the team of Liew Chen Fui, team of Darmin Raj and team of Tan Yong Cheng.

The Despark staffs team was randomly selected to oppose the final 5 team of students.

Below was the final result:

1st place: Team of Liew Chean Fui (RM150)

2nd place: Team of Darmin Raj (RM50)

3rd place: Team of Tan Yong Cheng (RM50)

4th place: Team of Lee Soon Thak (RM50)

5th place: Team of Isaac (Rm50)

Such badminton event should be encouraged and organised among Despark college students and staffs. It definitely produces social benefits, perk up reflexes, intelligence and improve academic performance among students. In addition, the involvement in physical activity is shown to lead to better academic performance, and when your team is performing better, it also adds an incentive for the individual players to do better. Participating in a team or as an individual player can also help young people to have better cognitive functioning and hence improve their problem-solving skills, which directly translate to better academic performance and leadership.

Build Your Dream Car Contest

Guess who is the winner?

Despark is pleased to announce the winners of Build Your Dream Car contest! We would like to take this opportunity to thank all students for participating in this contest and congratulate to all winners on their big win!

We received many outstanding submissions from students throughout Malaysia, the car model materials must be recycled items, and we are very impressed with their handcrafted car models. Here comes the winner list for 1st Prize, 2nd Prize and Creative Award.

Our next contest begins soon. Get ready, the next winner may be you!

1st Prize:

Chong Hwa Independent High School, KL

Group Name: Cola F1

1st Place_B-01

IMG_5556 IMG_5554 edited

Cola F1 features a stylish design. Judges were impressed by precisely expressed handicraft, components of car were well-presented and made completely by creative recycled materials regardless in big or small sizes. This requires not only the development of skill but also the application of patience. It stands out among others for its well assembled and durable.

2nd Prize:

SMK Permas Jaya 2

Group Name: A.N.K tech

2nd Place-01

IMG_5559 IMG_5561 IMG_5550 edited

A.N.K Tech is one of the most innovative, creative, durable and well-designed car model. It enlightened the judges with its interactivity and innovation of technology that took place. The sophisticated design that features a connection to power supply impressed the judges.

Creative Award:

Foon Yew High School, JB

Group Name: The Great Mountain

Creative Award-01


Perfect combination of recycled materials were presented in The Great Mountain. Used stationaries, bottles, cans, plastic spoons and other elements were creatively assembled together for the stylish-developed model. Needless to say, it won the most Creative Award throughout all artworks.

More pictures: